I have developed a card game to facilitate training activities for professionals. The game was originally developed to use during FOSTER Open Science trainings, but it can also be used for trainings and workshops on other topics.

In small groups, participants choose a training topic. Using the cards, they pick (blind) the conditions for their training: audience size, audience type, training type and audience knowledge level. Using a persona cheat sheet, each participant then creates a persona based on a typical participant in their training. Keeping these profiles in mind, each group then creates a training concept. Once the concept is finished, they present it to the entire group. But! Participants face an extra challenge, because they’ll have to face two types of ‘unforeseen circumstances’: audience mood and trouble. How to tackle these issues will be dealt with in a group conversation – using the experiences of the entire group, useful strategies to deal with them will be formulated.


A group decides to organise a training about open licenses. They pick: ‘half day workshop’, ‘large group (>50)’, ‘junior researchers’ and ‘mixed knowledge’ as training conditions and develop a training concept suitable to train this specific audience about open licensing. Once they present it to the entire group, they pick ‘no wifi’ and ‘shy’ as unforeseen circumstances. How will they adapt their training on the spot? How would the others deal with this?

Duration and group size

Depending on how much time you allow for each part, this training lasts between 2 and 4 hours. To allow for enough time for presentation of the work and plenary discussion about the unforeseen circumstances, ideally the total number of groups presenting should not be more than 5 or 6.

Organise your own training

You can download the game, together with instructions, via this public dropbox link.

However, you can also hire me to come and give the workshop! Get in touch and we’ll work something out.

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